A Letter From Us About Our Art

Brig Berthold
2 min readMar 19, 2022
Acrylic pour painting by Brig Berthold; all rights reserved
Painting by Brig Berthold


Olivia and I are so excited that you have been enjoying our art so much. The responses to our paintings have been overwhelming. We are humbled, for sure.

And we are encouraged!

We did not anticipate this, but many of you have asked whether we are selling the artwork and where you can buy it. So, we’ve come up with what we think is a pretty cool idea.

We believe art adds beauty to life in many ways. We also believe that — somehow — a piece may speak to a certain person, as though it were just for you. It tells your story or it ignites a particular feeling inside. For those reasons, if a piece makes you feel that way, you should have it. If it reminds you of someone in your life, they should have it. Right?!

That is why we are going to do an art “release,” periodically. We will announce which pieces are available and you’ll have a chance to grab the one(s) you want.

Each piece will have the same cost — whatever you think it’s worth!

We are totally serious. We will accept the first offer made because we want you to have something that speaks to you.

After that, just help us cover the cost of shipping and it will be yours!

All of this will happen on Instagram. If you’re reading this from Facebook or you found us on Medium, follow me on my Instagram for access and updates @brig_berthold

We are thrilled to invite you along this journey with us. We hope this will allow you to invite an unspoken beauty and joy into your life. It has for us. No words. Just color, contour, and connectivity.

With Love,

Brigormortis and Livie Bear



Brig Berthold

I am a father, widower, and veteran. Co-host of the Baseball Together podcast and author of Sidekick: A Pregnancy Field Guide for Dudes.