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My Three C’s of Writing

I need these three things in order to generate sufficient output. They just happen to be alliterative.

2 min readSep 18, 2018


Every writer has personal rules. These are three of my rules. They must be in place if I want to have any hope of producing in high volume.

The first thing I need is to be committed to the project. If I am not invested in the project’s outcome then why am I there? I do everything in my power to write with real purpose. I don’t write a single word I don’t intend to polish and publish. Flippant writing is why I have a journal. The source of my commitment may vary. Sometimes I’m determined to publish by a certain deadline and it eats at me if I’m not making consistent progress.

Other times, I’m committed to seeing whether I have what it takes to write a particular story. Perhaps I’ll play in a new genre or with a length I think will push me to new growth. Regardless, learning and honing the craft of writing can provide commitment enough, at times.

Next, I must be caught up in the story and the lives of the characters. I make no distinction here between fiction and nonfiction. The best of both string a cast of characters together into shared circumstance and struggle. But if I’m not carried away with what is going on in the story how can I expect that from my…



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